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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Rose By Any Name Stinks Just As Much

Since our Blog is supposed to be about the trials of raising TWO daughters, I thought I'd better explain that our second daughter is still in utero, and therefore not doing a whole heck of a lot right now except trying to kick me to death.

I had an amnio last month, and the news was that we were having a normal, healthy baby girl. That's when we began the naming dilemma...

I love my 87-year old Grandmother very much, but the woman can't be counted on for any "naming" input. This is a woman who chooses names for her cats like "Fluffy", "Cutie", and "Beauty". Her unsolicited contribution to our name search was "Brittany" (I'm holding in the vomit while I type).

"I love the name Brittany!" she told me. After telling her that there was no way I'd name my child Brittany, I probed and discovered the reason she likes the name so much...

"There's a girl on one of my stories (i.e. soap operas) named Brittany, and she's just sooo nice."
Uh Huh. A soap opera. That's what I want to use as an inspiration for naming my child. How about "Calliope" or "Alexis"?

I told her we were thinking about the name "Norah". "I hate that name!" she said vehemently. I probed for an explanation, but none was forthcoming. Perhaps a character named Norah on 'The Bold and The Beautiful' once slept with sweet Brittany's husband, and Grandma is peeved.

Next, I brought up the name "Rose" to Greg. He said he'd also had thoughts about that name and had been going to suggest it to me. Just for fun, I brought up the name to my Grandmother, knowing the reaction I was going to get. "Rose" is the first name of a vile woman who once lived next door to my Grandparents. They feuded for many years before my grandparents finally moved. As is the case with most old people, she has never let the grudge go.

"No, no! I hate Rose! You can't name her Rose. Oh, after that horrible woman!" It's funny the negative connotations that occur with a name based on other people with that name. She then told me her latest idea..."Hannah". It is my Mom's middle name.

When I explained that Hannah is the #2 name in the USA right now, she told me that SHE didn't know anyone named Hannah, so it couldn't be true. Grammam lives in a town of about 5,000 people who are mostly elderly, so it doesn't surprise me that she does not know the latest naming trends. I explained that I am avoiding any of the names in the top 50 popular names.

I got a phone call later with her next idea "Noelle Marie"--a combination of mine and my sister's middle names. I told her "No way", because it sounds like a stripper name---"Now performing at Don's Cabaret....Noelle Marie, and her albino boa constrictor." Yes, I'm sure she is really just dancing to work her way through law school, but C'mon!

I'm kind of thinking about "Meredith", now, but I haven't even brought that one up with Greg yet...thoughts?


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