The Daughter Chronicles

Friday, July 22, 2005

One Fish, Two Fish, and Other News...

Some minor news from the Burgas Child front...

After the sad demise of Bullwinkle, one of our two fish, I decided to purchase a new companion for Rocky.

I chose function over fashion & went with a Chinese Algae Eater. He will help keep the tank clean, but the guy at PetCo says he's pretty much at the bottom of the food chain. Rocky seems to like him, though. I've named him 'Ping' after the Chinese food delivery guy on Seinfeld.

Mia has also received, for the van, a handicapped placard--or as a former boss of mine used to refer to it..."A crip sticker"--as in "I have to borrow my Mom's crip sticker so I can get decent parking at the mall when I go Christmas shopping." Keep in mind that this is the same woman who used to turn the hose on the homeless man who slept in the bushes outside the office.

I used it yesterday when I took Mia to the mall. It was nice to have enough room to put the wheelchair right next to the van and transfer her right from the car seat to the wheelchair. Previously, if I was parked next to a truck or SUV (and is there anything else being driven these days?), I only had room to put the wheelchair behind the van and I had to carry Mia back there from the car seat.

As for Norah, she has decided to be lactose intolerant--she has NO toleration for lactose (another Seinfeld reference). I've switched to a lactose-free formula in an effort to control the gassiness (I'm talking room-clearing gas here). It seems to be helping so life is good(and it smells better).