The Daughter Chronicles

Monday, October 24, 2005

Mia Is On the Move! Otherwise Known As "Here Comes Trouble"

Greg had to attend traffic school on Saturday, so the kiddies were all mine for the day! It was actually a very good day. The kids were both well behaved, and we all had fun (well, except for Greg).

After breakfast, I was trying to get both kids & myself ready to go out. As usual, the tough thing is finding something to do with Mia. Usually, we put her in an umbrella stroller and wheel her around the house with us. She, naturally, gets bored with this. I decided to try something new.

After getting Mia dressed and ready, I wheeled her gait trainer into the bedroom with me & put her in it. I put Norah into her bouncy seat close enough to watch her big sister, but not so close as to be in harms way. I told Mia to go ahead and walk around and entertain herself while Mommy put on her makeup & got dressed.

Surprisingly, instead of rocking or whining, she began to cruise around the room. There isn't a lot of room (the gait trainer is very wide, so maneuvering it around without running into things is tough), but Mia managed to walk over to the door leading into the back yard & look out. Once she got there, I turned her around and she began to walk slowly back toward the bathroom.

Things then got a bit quiet, so I popped my head out of the bathroom to see what was happening. Mia had discovered the laundry basket filled with clean, folded clothes. She was having a grand time pulling my clean panties from the basket and throwing them around the room. After stopping her several times, I finally wised up and moved the basket out of her reach. After that, she began eyeing the perfume bottles, knicknacks, and other breakables on the dresser with interest. Fortunately for me, it was time to go!

After I was finished dressing, I picked up Norah, told Mia "C'mon, let's go put Norah in her car seat!". I pulled the gait trainer through the doorway to get her started, and left the room. Mia followed me, and I helped her turn the corner. She then followed me all the way down the hallway. I only had to move her once (when she discovered a large, framed Matisse print on the wall, and was trying to pull it down). Once I helped maneuver her out of the hallway, I told her to "Come with Mommy" again, and she followed me into the family room. Once I had Norah strapped into her car seat, I turned the gait trainer around and told Mia to follow me again. She followed me to the entry way and waited for me until I put Norah into the van.

It was fabulous seeing her just cruising around. I think if we keep just putting her in there and letting her see that this is an every day thing, not just something for therapy time or TV time, she will see it less as "work" and more as just how she is supposed to get around.

The best part happened Sunday. I put her in the gait trainer again, while I got ready to go out. This time, Mia discovered the dresser drawers. I got a couple of pictures of her opening the dresser drawers, pulling out my clothes, and gleefully flinging them around the room. This type of behavior might piss off the parents of a normal kid, but it was so wonderful to see her getting into everything just like any other kid, I just laughed at her antics and took pictures (we'll post them when developed). This will probably just encourage her to pillage our stuff more often, but I guess we're making up for lost time here.