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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Mia's Makeover

Today was the big day! Mia's first professional haircut! I took her to Dolce Salon & Spa. I was a bit worried because it is a fairly upscale place, and I was concerned that there would be lots of screaming, but "Shayla" (quotes because that is not her real name. Everyone at Dolce seems to use a pseudonym--don't ask) assured me that everything would go smoothly.

I bathed Mia and washed her hair before we left for the salon. I figured the haircut would be traumatizing enough without throwing in a trip to the shampoo bowl. Greg then took a "before" picture of Mia's hair. We arrived at the salon a few minutes late, but still in time to check in. We had barely sat down in the waiting area (& my iced tea had not yet arrived), when "Harley", Shayla's assistant (also not a real name--I think his real name is George) came to escort us back to Shayla. Mia took one look around, put 2 and 2 together (the early morning bath, Mommy's frequent references to "getting a haircut"...hmmm), and burst into tears.

The tears continued while I took Mia out of her wheelchair and sat her on my lap in the styling chair. Shayla did her best to charm Mia, but Mia was having none of it. She cried as the cape went on, but cheered up a bit when Mommy got a cape, as well. Then the comb came out. Mia tolerated the hair combing and the clips, but eyed Shayla with suspicion the whole time. She didn't even do her usual "Hi, Hi, Hi" to everyone in sight, even as other stylists & patrons came over to exclaim over her beauty.

Then the scissors came out. Shayla deftly cut Mia's hair, even though Mia was moving around somewhat. Mia finally seemed to realize that this wasn't going to hurt, and was quiet and still while Shayla continued to cut her hair into layers.

Mia got upset as the stylist at the next station fired up a blow dryer, but we assured her she would not need to have her hair dried. When the cut was finished, however, Mia pointed at the now quiet hairdryer with interest. Shayla put a diffuser on the hairdryer, and we decided to give it a whirl. Mia giggled nervously the whole time her hair was dried.

By the time the whole experience ended, Mia and Shayla were best buddies. Mia blew kisses and waved happily, even tossing her hair around a bit as everyone made a fuss over her. We left with a few new products to try & a promise to schedule her again in six to eight weeks. Maybe eventually we can try the shampoo bowl.


  • I love the haircut!! Yeah for digital cameras and computers! Tell Mia I said hi and that her hair is lovely :) Oh and Krys, you look fabulous as usual. And Greg...well enough said. Love you guys!

    By Anonymous Rachel Curtis, at 27/2/06 2:40 PM  

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