The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Norah's art!

At Norah's summer program, they have two-week blocks during which they focus on certain areas. Right now it's science, but before that, it was art. They visited three different museums, which Norah liked, and they also created a bunch of art. I figured I would display it!

They had to do a "surreal" piece, so they cut pictures out of magazines and then, I assume, randomly placed them on the paper. Norah thought the image of a lady doing yoga getting menaced by a tiny lion was rather funny. I can't say I disagree!

This is on special paper that you can scratch with a paper clip or any sharp object and create a picture that way. It's much more tactile in real life, but you get the idea, I hope.

Norah dug pointillism, apparently, and almost as importantly, she remembered that it was called "pointillism." That impressed me, I'll tell you that much. Not as much as her doing this small piece in pointillist fashion, but still.

I'm not sure if this was an assignment, but the way she talked about it, I think it was. They were supposed to take something and put it "out of its comfort zone," so Norah drew Minnie Mouse buying a punk outfit. According to her, a "punk" outfit means spikes on the bow that Minnie wears (which I LOVE) and a shirt that reads "A Punk." Well, of course it does. I mentioned that Minnie scared the crap out of me, because the way she colored above her smile makes it look like Minnie has giant, sharp teeth, which she didn't see at all. When Krys got home, she thought the same thing I did. Norah forgot that Minnie has an area around her mouth and eyes that is colored white/tan, so we get Scary Minnie. I think it makes her look even more like a punk, so it fits!

This is her charcoal drawing, and it's my favorite. I know she didn't use a model for it, so the fact that she shades some of the face to indicate a light source is tremendous. She has good instincts, does Norah!

She's been doing some cool stuff with the science, too, but obviously that's less visually impressive (although she did build a cube and a pyramid out of dry spaghetti noodles and small marshmallows). I can't keep her away from learning!