The Daughter Chronicles

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Norah's mystery story!

Norah, like most kids (I assume), likes to create little stories. Back in the olden days, we could only share the physical copy, but thanks to the Internet, we can now scan them and share them with anyone who wants to read this blog! Good times! So while this isn't the most unique thing in the world, it does have ... a shocking twist!!!!! Read on ... if you dare!

Ah, the title page. Note the nice cursive - in her second-grade class, they've recently switched to all cursive, all the time, so she's improving quite quickly.

Two beautiful scenes of domestic harmony and love. Oh, the child is so happy!

The mom is heading out (note the purse), and the child asks politely if she can go with her. Note the crazy storytelling skillz on Norah, making sure that our eye moves left to right to read the dialogue. That's good stuff!

Here, not so much. I appreciate Norah trying to mix it up, but the child should still be on the left. Notice, however, that she try to mitigate it a bit by making the word balloon from the child a bit higher than the mom's, hoping we'll read it first.

Uh-oh, the story takes a disturbing turn. The mother doesn't know who the child is all this time? How weird.

Then, here comes the shocking twist ...

Dang, I did NOT see that coming! Who could have?

So that's Norah's epic. I think you'll have to agree that it is truly stupendous. Do I smell a Pulitzer? I think I do!