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Monday, January 19, 2015

Parade day!

It's Civil Rights Day, and the principal at Norah's school arranged for a place in the Mesa parade celebrating civil rights. Norah, a veteran of more than one parades (thanks to Girl Scouts), was in it, and so was I. I'm pretty sure it was the first parade I've ever marched in. When I was young, I wasn't in stuff that was very "parade-friendly" - I wasn't in a marching band or Boy Scouts, for instance - so I'm pretty sure this was the first time. It wasn't a long route, and we had a grand old time. We had one dude dress as Benjamin Franklin (as Norah's school is named after him), a nifty banner, and some posters. The principal was hoping to advertise the school, which would be nice. One of the parents had some big ideas for next year, so we'll see if it becomes a tradition. For this first year, it was a small affair. The principal wanted to make sure things weren't too crazy the first year. The kids at Norah's school are generally well-behaved, so we'll see if next year we have a bigger contingent. It was a beautiful day - low 60s with a nice breeze, so even I wasn't too hot even though I was wearing pants. A good time was had by all! And, of course, I took pictures!

(This first one was taken by another parent. The kids were having fun wearing the Ben Franklin gear.)

Fun stuff in downtown Mesa!


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