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Monday, February 28, 2005

Workin' for the weekend with Mia

Mia had a groovy weekend. Yesterday we went to the Celtic festival here in Mesa (at the Community College). When we lived in Oregon, we used to go to the Celtic festival (the "Highland Games," even though -- no highlands!) every summer, and we've been twice since moving here. They're not as fun as the one in Portland, however -- at least Portland could feel like Scotland, occasionally -- it's weird seeing people strolling around in kilts in the desert. I also don't think it's as big as the one in Portland. Anyway, Mia was out and about, checking out all the kooks in kilts and fancy shirts and carrying big-ass swords. I'm a comic-book geek, so I can call 'em when I see 'em. We were only there for about an hour and a half, but she had a good time. At one point she was sitting by a cage (a corral, more like it) full of collies and other sheep/hunting-type dogs, and she was fascinated by them. Krys claims she said "dog," which is possible, since it's a short word and her "d" sound is excellent (she still won't say "Dad," though). At one point two dogs got snippy with each other and barked, which usually sets her off on a crying jag. Since her accident she has startled much more easily, something we've been trying to fix. The oxygen therapy is helping, and yesterday, she looked surprised when the dogs yelped, but she didn't cry. Progress!

In our quest to find more food for her to eat, we tried funnel cake and meat pies yesterday. She wanted nothing to do with either. I am convinced the only place you can get really good funnel cake is at the Jersey shore. Perhaps that's my youth talking, but the funnel cake yesterday was just ... okay. Anyone know any other place with good funnel cake?

On Saturday, we went to the wedding of one of my former students. We were debating on whether we should take Mia, since the ceremony was at five and we knew we probably wouldn't be home before eight (her bedtime is at seven, more or less). We finally decided to take her, and we're glad we did. She was very well behaved, even though we dressed her up in stockings and a pretty little frock. She sat around in Krys's lap for most of the evening and, like she does, held court for all her admirers. There were a bunch of people there who hadn't seen her in a while, so they all had to come over and check her out, and she said "Hi" to them a lot (it's the only word she says with any authority) and waved and smiled. It was a very nice evening, and even toward the end of the night, when she was getting tired, she was still smiling and checking things out. She enjoys getting out and meeting her public, since they clamor for public appearances (okay, that might be a little hyperbolic)!

Tomorrow: the end of hyperbaric oxygen treatment and a breakdown of what I think about it. Pictures soon! I have no digital camera, so I must get things developed!


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