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Sunday, April 05, 2015

(New) bed time for Mia

Ever since we found out that Mia needed back surgery, we've been talking about getting her a new bed. Even longer than that, we've been discussing what would happen when she got so big neither of us could pick her up comfortably. Krys has already reached that point, and she's getting bigger slowly but surely every day. So we knew we'd have to get a hospital bed that we could lower so that transitioning her from a chair to the bed would be easier than picking her up.

Krys found a hospital bed on-line, and so recently we bought one. They don't take insurance plans; we have a prescription for it, so we're going to try to get something back from the insurance company (I'll wait until you pick yourself up from the floor after laughing so hard you fell out of your chair). It cost less than $900, but we spent an extra $200 for someone to come out and assemble it. I wasn't taking any chances with it! A few weeks ago, it arrived, the dude put it together, and we were off! We decided to switch the kids' rooms, because Mia's old bed is built like a tank and it was much easier to disassemble Norah's bed and move her into Mia's bedroom. She likes her new bed; we put the box-spring and the mattress on the frame, and she's now sleeping about four feet off the ground. We told her we could take the box-spring off, but she loves being high up. She's wacky. Mia, meanwhile, doesn't care about where she sleeps, and she's adjusted to the new bed perfectly well. Krys bought her a television for her room, as when she gets out of the hospital after back surgery she's going to be bed-ridden for at least a week (and we hope not longer than that). She doesn't seem terribly impressed with the way the bed raises her head, but I bet she'll like it when she's trying to watch television!

We haven't needed to lower it to get her in it yet; she still doesn't weight all that much (66 pounds the last time we got her weighed) and I can carry her relatively easily. Still, it's good to have. It's nice and long (the mattress is 80 inches long), so she should fit in it for several years, and Krys bought some padding for it, as the mattress isn't exactly the most comfortable thing in the world. It will be interesting to see how she deals with it when she's recovering from surgery. Maybe it will make her life a little bit easier!

Here are some pictures of the assembly and Mia lying in the new bed. She is, of course, as cute as can be.


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