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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

An update on Mia's horse riding

Mia rides horses during hippotherapy, but they usually stop in April or so when it gets too hot, and they switch to swimming. So since her back surgery, she had a few months off before she had to get back on a horse, but she's been riding for a few months now, and I did take pictures, but of course I've been slow to post them. We thought her surgery would help her sit up better, and it has, very much. She's still having some problems when her muscles get twitchy, because she tends to lean forward and isn't able to get back up without a lot of difficulty, but when her muscles aren't acting up, she's sitting really well on the horse. Here are some photographs!

You can tell how much better she's sitting, which is nice. It makes therapy easier and more helpful, and she is, naturally, much happier. Yay, Mia!


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