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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Recent milestones for Mia

Milestones are very important for children. More so for brain-injured children. Here are some that Mia has achieved recently:

She has begun turning books around so that they are facing the correct way. She does it pretty consistently. According to her speech therapist, this is a good thing. She is beginning to recognize how things are supposed to be.

We have been fooling around with horns and flutes and whatnot to help her mouth and lips go in the right way. Originally, she would simply grip the mouthpiece with her teeth and exhale, which is an adaptive strategy that isn't really the best way to go. Now she is biting a lot less and forming an 'O' with her mouth, which of course is the way it should be. This will help her form words down the line, since that's still pretty hard.

Progress is slow, but it's still progress!


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