The Daughter Chronicles

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

[Insert the opening theme from Also sprach Zarathustra here]

Mia's physical therapist decided to monkey with her gait trainer yesterday. (Check out her in her gait trainer and her PT here!) He made Mia stand up more. The way it had been configured, she was slouching a lot and dragging her feet. He felt she had progressed enough so that she could stand up more. Success! She walked quite well, actually, after initially resisting. When she was slouching, it was easy for her to use only her right foot and drag the left. Now, that is not an option. We took her arm rests away, so she has to keep her arms up by herself, and the only way she can move is by using both legs. Her PT said that she is not using her butt muscles to propel herself like the rest of us do, but other than that, she looked pretty good. She actually raised her left leg, bending her knee, in an effort to move. After a few minutes, she was able to move herself along pretty well. Not great, but decently. We hope that keeping her much more upright and forcing her to move both legs will be a big help for her. So far, so good.


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