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Monday, October 23, 2006

It's always the unexpected things

We never know when Mia's situation will make us sad. We're going along, all happy, when something comes up that reminds us how far behind she is, and has a long way to go. We were reminded again over the weekend.

We went out to Surprise, Arizona for a friend's son's birthday party. Both Norah and Mia had a pretty good time - Norah is still freaked out by lots of people, but once she got some birthday cake, all was well! Mia liked looking at all the people and saying "hi" to them, as she does, and actually ate a little bit. Norah also chowed down on calzone, which was rather funny. Just another high carb thing she likes! What a good Italian!

We took the kids outside in the backyard, where our friends had put up a very nice swingset which the other kids were climbing all over. Mia was happy sitting with Daddy for a while, and then Krys came over and sat down, because Mia was asking for her. There was a piñata, and the kids had fun running around scooping up candy. It was a fine day!

At one point, Mia got very excited and started saying "walk" to Krys over and over. She has gotten excited about walking and eating, which is nice, even though she still doesn't eat as much as she should. We had not brought the gait trainer, so she couldn't walk, but I went over and put her on the swing, which made her very happy. She really likes the swing. Krys said she got very sad when she started saying "walk" because all the other kids were running around playing, and Mia couldn't do it. Mia didn't seem particularly sad about it, but it was just one of those things that reminds us of everything she can't do.

It didn't ruin the day, though. I think Mia is enjoying being around other kids a lot more these days. She has never had a problem with it, even back in her daycare days, but she seems to interact just a little bit more with kids now. Part of this is that she's able to say a few more words, and if she doesn't know a word, she is able to imitate us when we tell her what it is. I was helping her stand inside the house later and she said "Hi, Jakob" to the birthday boy after I told her what his name was. He was unimpressed, but I was glad she tried his name, which is a new word for her.

She's making very nice progress these days, and I've become so inured to her limitations that I don't pay much attention to them (I'm aware of them, obviously, but it's just part of the routine). So small things like her wanting to play with the kids and not being able to make us sad, because we don't often think about stuff like that. We were glad they got out and saw other children, though. We think the social interaction is spurring Mia on, because she wants to communicate more with everyone. And everyone wants to communicate with her, because, well, she's Mia!


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