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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mia drinks like a pro while Norah has a passion for fashion!¹

Mia has been doing better with her drinking recently, which is good, because she needs to poop more and drinking helps. She has been eating steadily if not copiously, but we're going to the doctor on Friday for Norah's 15-month checkup and I'll get Mia weighed while we're there. The one thing Mia has figured out is that she can pick up the cup herself and take a drink, which is kind of cool for her - Mommy and Daddy don't have to force her to do it! Unfortunately, she doesn't do it all that often - usually, when she picks up the cup, she turns it upside down or chews on it - but she still knows that she's supposed to pick it up, put the straw in her mouth, and take a drink.

She is also doing much better both in communicating and in walking. The Evil Mia, the one who screamed bloody murder whenever her PT came over, has left us, leaving only the pleasant Mia. We're not sure what happened, but we're glad it did. Being back in school has had a positive effect on her, too, I think. She's talking to us more, and trying to tell us what she wants rather than just pointing at things. This is limited by her lack of words for some things that she might actually want to do, but she knows "chair," "eat," "nuts," "walk," and "book," which constitutes a large part of her daily activities, so it's not that big a deal that she doesn't know other words as well. She's getting the hang of saying "Yes, please," when we ask her if she wants something instead of just pointing at herself (which is what she had done for a long time), but she still doesn't quite get that if she doesn't want something, she needs to say "No." We'll get there.

Meanwhile, Miss Norah has become a fashion plate. She discovered one of Krys's bracelet a while ago, and thinks it's very groovy, and like Mia, she loves Krys's necklaces. She kept getting into Krys's purse, so Krys got an old purse she doesn't use and put a brush, a (fake) cell phone, old car keys (from our Saturn), and sunglasses into it. Norah digs sunglasses, and Krys bought her a small pair this past weekend because the ones she had were too big for her head. So she saunters around the house carrying her purse, with Krys's bracelet around her upper arm, clutching keys or a brush, wearing her sunglasses. It's very cute, of course. This past weekend Krys bought her new shoes because she had grown out of her old ones, and these are, apparently, a lot more comfortable than the old ones, because she loves them. She still is not a fan of socks, but we figure once it gets "cold" here, she'll like them. She wants to walk a lot, which is nice, and we think Mia is getting inspired by her to walk more. At least we hope so.

Not to be outdone, of course, Mia got her first pedicure not too long ago. Check out her groovy toes!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures of the wee ones. They're such hams!

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  • Ahh I love the pictures! The girls are as cute as ever. Things are going quite well up here. I'm really enjoying school this year, probably more than ever before. Greek and Hebrew are rough, but I'm sticking them out. Well just wanted to say hi, tell Krys and the girls I say hello as well and that i miss them. Cheers!

    By Anonymous Rachel Curtis, at 4/10/06 10:36 PM  

  • The girls are getting so grown up and I know that they are the cutest kids in your world and probably in the world of blogging as well. I still have to say that my pups are the cutest pups in the world so if you don't believe me maybe I need to repost the cute pictures again.

    By Blogger Mrs Lefty, at 8/10/06 10:41 PM  

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