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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mia's last day of school

This past Thursday (the 24th) was Mia's last day in pre-school. She has really progressed in school and in general over the past two years, and we think that she'll do even better in kindergarten. They had a fun day of play on Thursday, and Norah joined in. The teachers had set up a few water tables and a kiddie pool in the playground, and Norah and Mia sat in the pool for a while and splashed in the water. Norah didn't want to leave once she got inside, because the pre-school room is chock full of toys, but I had some things to do so I had to take her. It's never good to take Norah away from toys!

We know that Arizona's schools aren't all that good, but we've had nothing but good experiences with her pre-school. Her teachers and aides are wonderful and her therapists are excellent. She has been working hard and I think she has enjoyed it immensely. She'll have to learn how to deal with other girls in class, because for two years she has been the queen of the pre-school, with all the boys worshipping her. I'm sure she'll do fine.

She's going to summer school, but the time there is kind of negligible. I have to kill two months with her, which is difficult given her situation and the horrible weather here. She loves going in the pool, and has been in a few times this year (the water is chilly but not freezing), so that will be fun to do. I can't wait until she gets to kindergarten, because I think she will do well, but I'm sure we'll have a groovy summer.


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