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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Norah's first haircut!

Norah got a haircut on Sunday. This was quite the eventful weekend, as I'll show in my next post, but for now, it's all about Norah and her haircut. I was stunned by her haircut, but not in the way you might think. Krys took her to the salon she goes to, and I thought she'd get, you know, a haircut. It turns out that Krys wanted the stylist to "shape" her hair into "layers" (I'm a guy, so hair talk means nothing to me), but as Norah's hair is very thin, the stylist really couldn't do much with it. So she got a slight trim, and Krys is going to take her back in a while (she didn't make another appointment) after her hair gets a bit thicker. I thought she was getting it cut short, because Krys has been whining about how it's all wacky and Norah very quickly takes out any hair tie we put in it, so a ponytail is tough. It did, however, give us an opportunity to take pictures of her (like we need an excuse!), so here they are!

Here's one of the before pictures. Note the out-of-control 'do!

A little further back for this shot, as it allows her to preen. She digs the camera!

Here's her length. As I wrote, it turned out not to make much difference, but I did want to get a "before" picture.

Voila! Post-haircut! Notice the huge difference! Krys said she was very good in the chair, which is not too big a surprise. She, like Mia, is often good for the "public," reserving her tantrums for Mommy and Daddy, who are bound by the law and society to put up with them. Stupid law and society!

Another post-cut photo.

Compare the lengths of the "before" and "after" pictures! As I am a dim-witted man, I see no difference. Krys assures me that it's shorter, though!

I love this picture. Part of the problem with photographing Norah is she comes right at the camera so she can poke it, and it's hard to get her to stand still! But when she does stand still, she's very photogenic.

More pictures next time. We had quite the adventure over the weekend!


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