The Daughter Chronicles

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Norah the educator

Norah cares about the edification of her god, Smokey. She wants him to be well read and learned. So the other day, she dragged his bed away from the back door, where he sleeps in blissful ignorance bathed in sunlight. She didn't drag him far, just a few feet, and then sat next to him with her book, Pancakes for Breakfast. She then began turning the pages and "reading" to him, which consists of her simply blah-blahing a lot. Still, it's very cute.

Poor long-suffering Smokey. He didn't look all that put out by Norah's forced education, but I bet it's no fun getting dragged three feet across the floor by an enthusiastic 21-month-old. Still, it made for an adorable picture:


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