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Monday, March 23, 2009

So what's been going on?

It's been two weeks since I updated this blog, and yes, I suck. Mia was on spring break last week, so I was trying to have fun with both of them. Norah didn't have anything going on either, because the stuff she is involved in also took a break. So it was a week of doing very little, plus the temperature decided to spike into the 90s, so we couldn't even go outside a lot. It was boooorrrrrrrring.

Mia is back at school this week, so that's fun. She's going to visit a gastroenterologist on Friday so we can figure out what the heck is going on with her lack of eating. She's sucking down Pediasure and eating tiny amounts, so I'm not hugely concerned for her health, but we are concerned about her lack of appetite. It's very annoying.

We also got a new camera, so I'll have to post some pictures of the kids soon. They're still awfully adorable! Mia lost a front tooth recently (her third lost tooth, but first in the front), so she looks even cuter, if possible.

More soon!


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