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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Is Mia's long hip surgery nightmare over?

Well, we certainly hope so. On Wednesday she went to the doctor to get the sutures out of her legs, and the doctor said there were no restrictions on her therapy anymore. On Thursday she stood in her gait trainer for 90 minutes or so with no ill effects. Of course, I put her in there to convince her to eat (I told her she'd get out if she did so), which she didn't, so that wasn't terribly successful, but she did stand for quite a while! On Friday she returned to swim therapy and did perfectly fine. I'm going to put her in her gait trainer a lot over the next ten days or so, until she goes back to school on the 12th, and her physical therapist will be back on that day (he took a vacation - can you believe the nerve????), so we'll have to wait to get her walking again. But she seems fine, in no pain, and now we just have to pack on some pounds to her scrawny frame! That won't be so hard, will it?

(I apologize for the gap in posting. We went to San Diego last week and this week both Mia and Norah were around, so I didn't have a ton of time. I'll get pictures up of our trip in a day or two, I promise!)


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