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Friday, July 03, 2009

Has Mia turned a corner?

I was going to write a post about Mia and her triumph over yet another person who thought she could feed her. Last weekend I visited Pennsylvania and Krys's aunt, who's a nurse, came to visit to help Krys out while I was away. Tammy was of the opinion that she could get Mia to eat, but Mia stymied her! Yay, Mia! Okay, we shouldn't cheer for that, but it's always fun to see Mia defeat yet another attempt to, you know, keep her alive.

But I didn't write that post right away, and while I was mulling it over, something happened. Mia hasn't started gorging on everything we put in front of her, but she has started to eat a tiny bit more than she has been. Right now she's ignoring her goldfish crackers, but she's been eating them regularly the past two days. She's choked down a few pieces of pierogies the past two days. She ate some nuts this morning. She had a few grapes yesterday and the day before. Of course, we usually have to bribe her to eat them, but considering a few months ago bribes didn't even work ... well, we consider this progress.

I wonder if she's just feeling better. She's probably completely healed from her hip surgery, and she is getting the metal plates on her hips out next week, so I certainly hope she's healed! Once she gets the plates out, I'll feel much better, because then she'll be out of excuses with regard to not working, and she can start walking again. Her PT has been making her stand a lot the past few months, but she hasn't been walking. Once we check out the X-rays of her hips to make sure all is well, I imagine she'll be actually doing some activity soon, which might mean she is hungrier. Plus, as she feels better, I don't think she's as grumpy about being moved around, which puts her in a better mood. Of course, she's back to pinching a lot when she doesn't like something, which ironically is good news, because for a few months after her surgery she didn't pinch, which we think meant she just wasn't feeling very good. She's back to being sprightly!

The doctor's office called with the results of her endoscopy, and they said she has no food allergies and mild reflux, which the Prevacid seems to be helping. So there's that as well - maybe it's slightly less uncomfortable to eat, although it never bothered her in the past, so unless she developed reflux recently, I'm sticking with my theory that her lack of eating is completely her being a pain in the butt. I believe that as she gets back to full health and activity, she'll be back to eating. The problem is, of course, that she was never a great eater in the first place, so getting her to gain weight has always been tough. And now she's even lower in weight, so getting her back to even her pre-surgery level is going to be hard. Oh well - just another fun challenge with Mia!


  • I DO relate to aunts who think they know more about your child than you do. If I had any energy, I'd blog about that.

    By Blogger Roger Owen Green, at 4/7/09 3:00 AM  

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