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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The plague house

Everyone in the house is sick. Okay, that's a lie. The cats are fine. Damned cats.

This is the first time we have dealt with two children being sick at the same time. I could die a happy man if they never do this again. Because they are evil, I'm sure they will coordinate their illnesses to coincide from now on, as they see how much it makes the hair of their parents fall out in clumps. If they feel yucky, the whole house must suffer!

It began last week with Mia. Always the trend-setter, she got a runny nose and a pleasant hacking cough. She seemed to feel fine other than that, though, so her daily routine wasn't upset. We assume she picked it up at school, so we sent her back to school to infect the rest of the buggers right back! That'll show 'em!

We gave her plenty of medicine on top of the medicine she's already getting, put Vicks on her, and trusted in science. She likes Vicks - whenever we take it out, she smiles and rubs her chest. She has started to associate it with getting medication - in the morning she rubs her chest when she is not getting Vicks on. It hasn't really affected her that much - she is sleeping fine and she seems perfectly happy. Her cough has actually gotten worse, which is a bit worrying, but we're holding off on taking her to the doctor because what the heck is he going to do?

Then, Norah became infected - diseased and unclean, if you will. She is not taking it as well. We give her a little medication and some Vicks, but that isn't having much effect. She is having a great deal of trouble sleeping, especially during the day, when she should be napping. She is cranky a lot because of this lack of sleep, and she doesn't enjoy the snot as much as Mia does. Mia digs the snot. So she gets very pissy when we wipe her nose. She also doesn't like playing as much because she's tired all the time. And, of course, she falls asleep at inappropriate times, like yesterday at about 5:15 p.m. Quite vexing.

The sickness hasn't spread as aggressively to the parents, but we haven't been completely spared its ravages. Krys is feeling run-down and achy, while my nose is very stuffy. This means that we have less patience with the kids' whining and tell them repeatedly to suck it up and deal with it! They just laugh at our foolishness. Actually, we've been holding up pretty well - it's just that at night we kind of collapse after the days. Isn't that the way it is with all parents?

The kids are getting a little better, but slowly. Illnesses are groovy!


  • I hope y'all feel better. Since I'm sitting at home sick today, I had time to contemplate how miserable it would be to be sick and care for two sick kids at the same time and I must say, you and Krys are saints in my book.

    By Blogger Roxy, at 31/1/06 4:14 PM  

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