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Sunday, January 22, 2006

It's always fun to visit the neurologist

On Friday Mia had an appointment with her neurologist. It's always fun going to her doctor, and this was even more fun because we took Norah along. Luckily, Krys was able to join me, so it wasn't so bad. It's always fun because the appointment was at 10:30 and we didn't get to see him until about 11:45. Yay!

We wanted to see him because when she went in a few weeks ago to see her neurosurgeon, we mentioned that her attention span seems to be lagging. He suggested that seizures could cause it, as well as seizure medication. Now that's science! So we wanted to talk to her neurologist about when or if we could change her medication.

He only saw her for a few minutes (he's an extremely busy man, another reason I would not want to be a doctor), but he thought she looked pretty good. He is pleased with the progress she is making, which is nice. He was wary about messing with her medication, because her big violent seizures (the ones that are much worse) are gone, and she only occasionally has staring seizures, which are less severe. He wants to get her off the meds, but not so her seizures return. We mentioned vagus nerve stimulation, and he said that is a definite option, but not right now because she's too young and not bulky enough (it involves surgery, so she'd probably lose some weight, and she doesn't have weight to lose). He mentioned that he performed the operation on a six-year-old recently and he said the difference was phenomenal - he was able to take her off all but one medication and she improved greatly. So for now we're keeping her on all three meds, and we'll go back in May to see what we can do. We really want to get her off medication, but we'll see. It was a short but heartening visit, because we were able to explain our concerns to him and he was pretty helpful. We hope that in May we'll be able to get her off at least one of the medications she is taking. That would be nice.


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