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Friday, September 15, 2006

Shifting the blame

Norah, at almost 15 months, has already learned a valuable lesson: if possible, blame someone else.

This morning the kids were watching a Baby Einstein DVD, as they do every morning. I was wasting time on the Internet (actually, I did balance the checkbook, so that's not really wasting time, but for the most part, I was wasting time). I heard rustling of paper, which is never good. I looked over and Norah was attempting to reach the remote, because the remote is the coolest thing EVER! (Parents can probably back me up on this.) It was sitting on top of those coupon pages that you get in the Sunday newspaper, and all of that was sitting on top of a big candleholder in the center of the coffee table. And Norah was stretching for it.

As I watched, she managed to grab the remote without upsetting any paper. I called her name, quietly, and she looked over at me without remorse. I called again that she should put down the remote, and she, naturally ignored me. So I stood up and took less than three steps toward her. She ran, waving the remote in the air, over to Mia's chair, which has a large tray attached to it. She put the remote down on the tray and stood back, as if to say, "She did it!"

It was quite cute. I took the remote and told Norah she wasn't fooling anyone. But at least she's learning early that if you get caught doing something, blame everyone else and take no responsibility! It works for politicians, so why not small children!

Norah Burgas: President in 2056?


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