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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Picking your battles

Every parent deals with this. You have to pick your battles, right? If you try to fight the children at every turn, you will go insane even more quickly than you already are trying to raise two children! So you allow them to slide on some things, because they're just not worth fighting over it.

One such battle is Norah's desire to wander around the house with her blanket. She loves her blanket, possibly more than she loves Mommy and Daddy combined. For a while, I tried to convince Krys that she shouldn't wander around the house with her blanket. It was in her crib, she sleeps with it, and I felt that when she wandered around the house with it, she was made artificially happy and wouldn't sleep because she never got cranky enough. When I didn't allow her to carry her blanket, she would eventually get grumpy and then I would know it was time to nap. On the weekend, Krys would let her carry it around, and she often didn't get grumpy. How can we tell it's nap time if the chick never cried????

I have given that up, however. Let her wander the halls clutching her blanket! It started because Mia was getting so upset when her physical therapist showed up. She was getting so upset that Norah would start crying, and the only things that were making her happy were her sucky or her blanket. And just like allowing gays to marry will lead to breaking up my marriage and me marrying a kumquat, it was a slippery slope from there! Now I just don't care. I don't automatically go for it, but I'm a lot more comfortable with her zipping around with her blanket. She loves it so!

I figure she'll either grow out of it or she'll become a wise-beyond-her-years comic strip icon. Either way, it's all good.


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