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Friday, August 25, 2006

"The Death of a Thousand Cuts!"

Or, "The Chinese Water Torture!"

Or, "Pulling Teeth!"

Yes, it's drinking with Mia! I have mentioned our issues with getting Mia to drink before, and I figured I would update the situation. She's doing better, but it's still like ... well, you get the idea.

I may have mentioned that we are putting polyethylene glycol in her juice. A while ago, when she was have big trouble pooping, we went to the doctor and he prescribed it. It has helped - she is pooping at least three or four times a week. It's not as great as it should be, but she is doing much better with it. Occasionally she'll even poop two days in a row! Holy cow!

She still doesn't use the toilet. Confound her!

So, to drinking. We give her around five (5) ounces of juice - Gatorade, these days. We mix in the laxative and then get going. She digs the curly straw, and will drink pretty well with it. The photo shows about how much we give her. You would think that would be pretty easy to get through, right? Well, I filled that cup on Tuesday morning. She had her first sip from it at lunch on Tuesday. Today is Friday, and she finished the cup this morning. Sheesh. We give her stuff to drink at every meal and snack. So she drank at three lunches, three snacks, three breakfasts, and three dinners. I will add a corollary: we also give her milk at some meals, but we usually go back and forth between the milk and juice - she doesn't skip one. So she drank five ounces in three days. Do you see why we're concerned?

She does seem to be doing fine with it, however. She gets milk in her cereal in the morning, and her fruit and vegetables have water in them. It just gets annoying. I have to tell her before every sip to take a drink, and she takes a tiny little sip and then signals that she's all done. And then the ritual begins again. It is hard to start her drinking, but she does okay once she tastes it. We called the neurologist and asked if she might not feel thirst and hunger too well, and he said it was a possibility, but there's no way to tell. So we'll just keep plugging along.

She seems to enjoy drinking. Why won't she do it better and more often? Oh, the twisted mind of the four-year-old!


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