The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Norah has no issues with boys, I guess

Yesterday Norah accidentally got a Transformer in her Happy Meal (Krys told them it was for a girl, meaning she would get Hello Kitty, but they gave her a Transformer). She doesn't care; she'll play with giant robots as much as she'll play with dolls. This morning she took it with her when we drove Mia to school, and it and the bendy rabbit we have in the car were making an action movie, based on all the shooting. Anyway, I asked her if she liked her Transformer, and she said, "Yeah, if I see boys, I don't mind them, and I'll play with them." Possession of a giant robot gives you entry into the boys' club, apparently. And Norah, being so magnanimous, will deign to play with boys because, you know, she doesn't mind them.


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