The Daughter Chronicles

Monday, October 04, 2010

Anatomy of Norah's artwork!

Here is Norah's latest artistic masterpieces:

This is our family. Some things of note:

1. Mia's wheelchair looks like a tank. She would kick so much ass if her wheelchair was built like Norah draws it.

2. We're all wearing winter clothing. Norah, who has lived in Arizona all her life, is obsessed with winter. We're going to Flagstaff over Christmas break, and she's extremely excited that she gets to wear winter clothes and play in the snow.

3. I have no idea what is up with our hands. We're all wearing yellow gloves, apparently, but I don't know why they're so huge.

4. Norah is in the center, and you'll notice that Mia, Mommy, and Daddy are all gazing at her adoringly. She's the only one with eyelashes, too, because that just makes her more adorable. This is how Norah sees the world, I suppose. I suspect this is how many kids see the world.

Norah loves drawing, and it's always fun to decipher what she's drawing. She's quite the subtle little artist!