The Daughter Chronicles

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Norah quotes!

The other night Norah was playing with her "injas." She has two small plastic ninjas she got from the toy basket when she passed a swimming level a while back, and occasionally she takes them out and plays with them. (I assume they're plastic; toys are often made from a material that could be a space-age polymer, for all I know.) At one point, one inja said to another that "We may have to take the scroll by force." That's exactly what she said. I have no idea what scroll they were trying to get or why they needed to take it by force, but that's all I could hear clearly before she ran off to play in a different part of the house. A few minutes later she told us that she was playing with her "injas."

Then, the other morning, she went into our bathroom and started dancing, telling Krys she was "shaking [her] booty." She enjoys shaking her booty, I must say. Krys asked her why she was shaking her booty, and she said, "Because it freaks people out." I'm not sure how it freaks people out and I very much doubt that it does, but it was pretty funny that she thinks so.

So, to recap: Norah enjoys playing with "injas," who need to use force to secure a scroll, and she enjoys freaking people out with her apparently hypnotic dancing. Who knew?


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