The Daughter Chronicles

Monday, March 21, 2005


Mia moved into her big-girl bed yesterday. We finally got it where we wanted in her room and Krys got the bedding on. We needed to attach a rail to it so she doesn't roll out of it onto the floor, and Krys also bought a sheepskin rug to put under the bed in the off chance that she does, in fact, climb the rail and fall on the floor (unlikely, but Krys believes in taking no chances!) She slept poorly in it yesterday afternoon, but last night went fine. We're hoping this helps her sleep better and also helps her get back to sleep better when she wakes up. In her crib, she often got a foot stuck between the bars (the left one, usually) and could not get it out, leading to grumpiness. Now, she has no excuse! Next week when my parents visit, we're moving the crib into the other room for the new arrival. Mia is moving on up!