The Daughter Chronicles

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Physical therapy with Mia

Mia is getting some physical therapy right now, so I thought I'd post while her evil therapist makes her work (the nerve of the man!). The past few times she's had therapy, he's been making her walk. Exciting stuff. I hold her hands (actually, she holds mine) up in front of her, while he puts his shoulder on her butt and crawls behind her. Then, while I hold her upright, he makes her bend her knees and take a step. She resists the left knee moving, but she's gotten used to it remarkably quickly. She only has to do it twice a week, since it's a two-person job and Krys is, what 23 weeks now, so she's in no shape to be crawling around on the floor.

He also holds her hands while her feet are flat on the floor and her knees are bent. Then, using very little lift, he makes her stand up straight. This is not a fun activity, but it does help her a lot. He then tries to make her fall directly backward onto her butt. As I've mentioned before, balance is very difficult for her, so making sure she falls correctly and becomes inured to it is very important. She actually enjoys falling on her butt these days. We hope she will soon be able to do it on her own.

The last thing he's working on a lot is getting into a sitting position from her side. She knows what to do, but because she doesn't push off from her left hand, it's hard. The initial push is difficult, but once she gets her right hand down, she can work her way up. She doesn't keep her head forward, which makes it harder. That's a challenge.

Just some more fun from the world of therapy! Right now she's standing on the edge of the sofa and he's trying to keep her hips aligned - another crucial step on the way to balance!