The Daughter Chronicles

Friday, April 22, 2005

The new chair

We've been having issues with our cat, so we haven't been posting here. Sorry - I know all six of you regular readers crave Mia news!

So Mia got her new chair this week. It was constructed by the same guy who made her standing frame, but unfortunately, he took a little longer than we thought, and she's already outgrown part of it. The seat part does not go all the way from the back of her butt to the crook of her knees, like Darwyn wanted. But it's still functional, and it gets her out of her high chair and closer to eating at the table with us. We're tired of eating at 7.30-8 o'clock at night, and would like to start eating as a family. The fun thing about the new chair is that she does not have a lot of trunk support, so she's having some problems sitting up in it and feeding herself at the same time. That's just another mountain for her to conquer!

She will probably be getting a new occupational therapist soon. One of the providers called us back and said they had someone, who now needs to call us and set up a time. It's pretty exciting, since she's been without an OT since her last one callously abandoned us (I'm kidding again, Kristin!). Unfortunately, we doubt the new OT will come twice a week, which is what her therapists recommend. We'll see.

Tonight is fun. It's 9 o'clock and she's still not asleep. We're not sure why. She just keeps waking up and screaming her head off. We gave her some ear drops because we think she might have an infection (on Friday night - wouldn't that be fun!), but when I went to the store to get them, she was happy and babbling like she always does. She's dead tired, but won't sleep. We've always been pretty sure she thinks sleep is for the weak! She slept fine this afternoon, so this is strange.

Anyway, the van may be here this weekend. We're very excited.