The Daughter Chronicles

Monday, April 18, 2005

Not a good anniversary

Today it is two years since Mia's accident. Good Friday, 18 April 2003. It's somewhat hard to believe it's been that long.

She has made a huge amount of progress. I wrote about her accident at length back in February (I'd link to it, but I can't because I'm stupid - if you're late to the party, go to the February archives - the second blog entry is about her accident), and it's still amazing to me how far she has come. She has begun to feed herself pretty regularly, although she still has some issues with food she doesn't like (she'll eat it, but not by herself). Today she got a new chair, since her high chair is getting too small for her. The new chair will allow us to sit her at the table, and maybe we can start having dinners together. We tried last summer, but Krys always ended up feeding her and then eating a cold dinner, so the combination of a solid chair and Mia feeding herself is groovy. Our fingers are crossed.

She's also outgrowing her standing frame, so we're looking into buying this gait trainer. We think it will be very helpful, not only because she will be able to continue working on her standing, but she'll also be more mobile. We're also happy because she's becoming mobile enough to be mischievous. Yes, it's exasperating, but it's also nice, because it's typical 2-year-old behavior.

She's still having seizures too much, which is depressing, but otherwise, we're very happy with how far she has come. Many people who don't know she's brain-damaged can't tell, although the fact that she doesn't walk might give it away. Her sense of humor is fantastic, and she's very chatty and interested in what's going on. She watches Krys when she reads to her, trying to figure out the words, and she knows her favorite books by heart. She's getting pretty quick, too - it's amazing how fast a kid can be when she's just pulling herself along with one arm! She's also trying much harder to sit up and correct herself when she falls over. Soon, we hope, she'll be able to push herself up into a sitting position.

So most of the news is positive. It's still a sad day. If you have kids, you understand the horror we felt during those hours when we thought she was going to die. I just hope everyone out there reading (all five of you, hello!) appreciates how fragile yet tough we really are. Sorry, I'm getting maudlin. Here's some funny (paraphrased) lines from Seinfeld:

"So I take him out, put him to the side, and now I'm driving the bus."
"You're Batman."
"Yeah, yeah I am Batman."

See? No more gloominess!