The Daughter Chronicles

Saturday, April 09, 2005

It's all about the horn hierarchy

Mia's playing a harmonica right now. You may ask what the big deal is, but IT IS! (And how dare you question me?) I may have mentioned this before, but there is a horn hierarchy, which starts with a plastic flute and moves up to a harmonica. The intent is for Mia to figure out how to blow without biting on the horns (which she does a lot) and how to move her mouth so that the sounds come out clearly. It's all about teaching her to talk. She started the harmonica this week and is now playing it like a pro. So at least she'll have a future in a blues band!

We also just took her for a spin in her new wheelchair. First time out. It does not let her slump to her left, which is quite vexing to her - she's all about slumping, unfortunately. So she's forced to sit up, but it wasn't too bad - she enjoyed herself, it seemed. We hope she's not in a wheelchair for too long, but it's nice that it's helping her sit up straight.

That's all for now. It ain't War and Peace, people!