The Daughter Chronicles

Monday, July 25, 2005

Go Speed Racer, go!

Short post, because it's late. Today during physical therapy Mia cruised - cruised, I say! - around the house in her gait trainer. She has been walking in it while she watches television - slowly moving forward and eventually banging into the armoire - but that has been the extent of her mobility. Her PT has been making her walk around the house on the tile, but until today, he has had to move the gait trainer himself and force her to take steps. Today, for some reason, everything clicked. We have been waiting for it to click that this contraption will help her get around if she wants it to, and it seems like today it dawned on her. It was an epiphany!¹ She was lifting up her feet and propelling herself along, and she was loving it. It was one of the few PT sessions during which she didn't scream her head off. Now, she wasn't lifting her feet all the way up and putting them squarely down, but she was still moving herself and lifting them off the ground. It was very exciting.

We hope at her next session she'll still understand what she can do in the gait trainer. It would be so nice if she learned how to be ambulatory. It was a swell day.

¹ Like in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man! How literary!