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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Some on-the-cutting-edge pictures of Mia and Norah

My parents left town today. It was very nice to see them. They're always very helpful, not only with the kids, but with, say, painting, which my mom did this weekend. She enjoys it, she says. More power to her.

They own a digital camera, and therefore I can bring you up-to-the-minute photographs of our two girls. My roll of film is almost done, so there should be some more pictures next week or so, but until then, we have the most recent pictures of the two most beautiful girls in the world! Bow down before their beauty!

Here's my dad holding Norah. This is her standard face: "What the crap am I doing here, and how do I get away? And why is it so bright in this here 'world' place? It was nice and dark in that other place. Two thumbs down!"

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Again, Norah looks puzzled. "So, is this it? I mean, I can't really do anything, can I? At least in that other place I was comfortable. I miss breathing liquid. If things don't improve around here soon, I might have to take measures. Drastic measures."

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This isn't the greatest picture of Mia standing, but it gives the idea I was trying to convey - namely, how tall she is. She's huge!

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Here's another picture of Norah, in one of her pretty outfits. Again, note the grumpy expression. Someone will pay for her predicament!

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Finally, a picture of Mia with her hair down. It's always up, since she eats it, so I thought I would take one of it down. In the winter, especially, we would like to keep it down, because it's so nice. In the summer we would have it up anyway. It's been over 115 Fahrenheit here for a week. Charming.

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Enjoy the pictures!


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