The Daughter Chronicles

Sunday, June 12, 2005

"I've been waiting so long for these pictures of you that I hardly believe that they're real"

We finally finished our roll of film, so it's time for some photographs! You know you love them!

First, we have Mia in our new van. Posted by Hello Doesn't she look groovy? You'll recall when we bought the new van, and our legion of fans has been clamoring for a picture of it. Here it is!

 Posted by HelloThis is Mia's gait trainer, which will help her learn how to walk. I talked about it here and here. I had just put her in this, which is why she's happy. Soon the screaming and the tears began!

Here's Mia in her wheelchair. Posted by Hello Some people are still a little confused by it - they think it's a stroller. I suppose it sort of looks like one. She likes it, although she's really strapped in, because she's up high and can check things out.

Here is Mia's splint. Posted by Hello She wears it to keep her hand open, as it often goes into a fist with her thumb inside. Of course, because she's a smart kid, she has figured out how to take it off. It's only fastened by Velcro, which is NOTHING! to our girl.

Krys is pregnant. Posted by Hello I know you all thought we were lying about it just to get your sympathy and well wishes! But here's proof! She is due in a little over two weeks. Two daughters. Won't that be fun.

I just wrote about Mia's bath chair, and here it is. Posted by Hello Here's the post about bathing the child. It's tough.

Finally, we have Mia in the bath. Posted by Hello Note the plastic mug in her hand. She is shouting into it because echoes are COOL!

I thought I took a picture of her AugCom device, because we're starting to figure out how to use it. Oh well. I'll show it to you next time. Yes, I know I need a digital camera so you don't have to wait for pictures. How cheap are they these days?

Krys would also like to apologize for her lack of posting. With the new job and the thing she is carrying around, she is often wiped out when she gets home. So you are deprived her unique feminine perspective into raising Mia. She'll be back!

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures!


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