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Monday, August 29, 2005

My girl wants to party all the time

Mia had a birthday party on Saturday. Her birthday is tomorrow (30 August) but that's a Tuesday - you can't have a party on a Tuesday! So we had it on Saturday.

It was fun. I e-mailed a bunch of people and invited them, but only did it a week in advance - we weren't sure if we were going to have one, and decided too late to send out invitations. On Saturday we weren't sure if anyone was going to come. We had confirmations from a few people, but who knows with people anymore? Who knows???

Finally, people showed up. Well, her speech therapist showed up, because Saturday is her normal day to see Mia. So that was fun - she had some good stuff to eat and then got some cake in her. Surprisingly enough, she doesn't really like cake that much - she did long ago, but those days are gone. We're not sure why, either - she likes pudding, which is sweet, but not cake anymore. We're not that terribly upset.

Yazil showed up with her daughter Alondra, whom I had never met, so that was fun. Yazil claims her daughter misbehaved, but she didn't really - she's just 14 months old and likes to explore everything. One of my old bosses came, as did Mia's old caretaker from her day care. She loves Mia (who doesn't, really?) and is always happy to see her. We hung out for a while, and then we went outside and ate grilled meats. Mia and Alondra sat by the pool with their feet in the water. Alondra splashed a great deal, and Mia looked at her as if to say "You really should be more mature." Mia often takes this attitude with other kids - it's weird. It's kind of like because she can't do all sorts of things, she looks on with derision at those who can. I wish she could splash and crawl and jump, of course, but it's kind of funny to look at her when she is observing others. She can be such a goofball, but when other kids are around, she's all business.

She went to take a nap and we hung out for a bit, and then all the guests left. A few minutes later my friend Monika showed up with her family. She has two kids, one a month younger than Mia and the other eight months old, and she lives in Surprise, which is on the other side of the stupid basin, so they took a while getting here. Mia woke up and played with the two kids for a bit. By the time they left she was actually starting to loosen up a little bit and have some fun. "Fun" for her meant pointing at Jakob's head (he's the three-year-old) and saying "Heaaaa ..." which is her word for "head." She likes doing that to anyone within range.

She cleaned up in the present department, as usual. We spoil her rotten, we know, but she's the Queen of the Universe, so she deserves it. She got a bunch of new toys, so Krys began the arduous task of rotating her toys out of the living room and into the bedroom. It's hard work! She also got a grip of clothes.¹

We were a little disappointed that some other people couldn't come. We heard back from a few who couldn't make it, and Roxy and Father Rasputin had to cancel at the last minute, but we really only have ourselves to blame for not giving people more lead time. Oh well. Mia had a grand old time, and then yesterday she went in the pool, which she loves, so it was a good weekend all around.

Norah, as usual, hung out and drank. She doesn't do much else. She is, however, starting to like lying in her gymini. Other than that, it's eating, sleeping, and pooping. She has a full schedule!

¹ Check out my use of the street lingo! "Grip" means a lot.


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