The Daughter Chronicles

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We call her Smiley Pete

Norah is eight weeks old tomorrow, and she's starting to exhibit a bit of a personality, which is nice. Nicest is that she has begun smiling.

When babies are first born, they don't smile. For the first few weeks of life, they might look like they're smiling, but it's just gas. At about six weeks they can see far enough to see other people smiling and they are able to control their facial muscles a little more. Norah is at that stage. When we are holding her and she is not eating, occasionally she's in a good mood. When that happens, if we talk to her and smile at her, and she smiles back. She gazes up at us and smiles and makes little gurgly noises in her throat, which are happy noises, we guess. She only makes them when she is smiling, so that's how we interpret them. She doesn't do it often, because usually she's eating or crying because she wants to eat, and of course, she hates me and everything I stand for, but when she does smile, it's very cool. Babies are ridiculously boring, because they don't do anything. Mia is much more interesting, because she has a great personality. Norah has finally started showing that she is more than a drinking, sleeping, pooping machine, and that's very cool.

She is still having diarrhea, and it's quite frustrating. We still are not sure what to do, since two trips to the doctor haven't helped. We may have to take her back, but it appears the worst of it has passed, so maybe it will be better soon. The past two days have been horrible, because she can't sleep very comfortably. Today has been a bit better. Being a baby sucks in a lot of ways, man!

Mia is doing well at school. I will have a little more to say on the subject later, but not a lot, since I'm not actually in the classroom with her. Her teachers love her, though. Who doesn't?