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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Everybody into the pool!

Last week, when Krys's mother visited, the pool got warm enough for the children to go in. They do not like it if it's too cold, and although the weather has been hot for a while, it takes water longer to warm up than the air, so it's still been a little chilly in the pool. The kids love the pool, however, so we were ready to go once it got warm!

The four women went in before I did, so I took the pictures. Unfortunately, Norah was still not completely comfortable with Marion (Krys's mom), so Krys could not take Mia out into the middle of the pool and swim, because Norah would freak out. So they sat for a bit until I got in, and both kids could zip around away from the steps.

It was fun, because it was the first time Norah had been in the pool. Earlier Krys had taken her outside and walked near the pool, and she freaked out. So we were a bit wary about it, but she loved it. We figured she would - she likes the bathtub, and this is just a big bathtub! So she splashed and laughed and enjoyed getting zipped around. Mia has always been a big fan of the pool, so she thought it was groovy. They spent quite a bit of time in there, and we had a grand old time.

Norah gradually got used to Marion over the week, so by the end of the week she was used to her and having fun with her around. Mia, of course, loved her, because Mia loves everyone. We tried to get her to say "grandma" but Mia, as she does occasionally, transposed it to "Moo-gah." She kept saying it, so of course we decided that would have to stick. From then on we encouraged it, and Mia thought it was grand to call grandma "Moo-gah." She will be Moo-gah from now on, of course.

I have taken Norah in the pool once since then, and she enjoyed it. She kept trying to climb out and get onto the deck, which puzzled me. I guess the ridiculously hot deck is more fun than the nice cool water! I haven't taken Mia in because the only time she's awake when Norah isn't is in the morning, and she has therapy and other things to keep her busy during that time. I would like to take them both in more often, because for Mia it's good therapy - she actually kicks her legs - and they both dig it. I hope that I can get some nicer pictures of them in the pool. It is, after all, a long, long summer here.


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