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Friday, May 26, 2006

Krys: doing some interior decorating!

Krys loves decorating, for the most part. She saw these things on the Internet that are murals you can rub onto the walls. They look like they are painted on and are very neat. She bought one for each girl's room, and a few weeks ago she went at it. They make the kids' rooms look even nicer than they already looked!

In Norah's room, she put up this tree. Check out how neat it is!

Nice detail. It really does look like it's been painted.

In Mia's room, keeping with the whole "fairy princess" theme she has, Krys put up this window with the fantasy scene.

Mia has decided the unicorn in the picture is a cow. Whenever we ask her what it is, she smiles and says, "Dow." I have wondered if she's really saying "Tao," but then we ask her what the cow says and she says, "Moo." It's a four-legged white animal with a horn, so we've left it alone.

Sorry for the break. I kept meaning to post these pictures and then some other news, and then my mom came to town. I will try to get something up this weekend, because we have exciting news!


  • Where did Krys find these lovely murals, Greg? I want one for my kids, cause yours rock.

    By Anonymous squint, at 27/5/06 4:43 AM  

  • squint: she found them online at this site. They have a ton o' different designs!

    By Blogger Greg, at 27/5/06 7:44 AM  

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