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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Subtly shifting roles

This post is less about Mia and Norah and more about Krys and I. Krys is a sneaky one, I'll tell you that much! Just like all chicks, I guess ...

Back in the glory days before the Demon Children came, Krys scooped out the litter boxes of the cats. It just sort of happened that way. I would do it occasionally, but generally, she was in charge of it. Then she got pregnant. As any knowledgeable person will tell you, the fumes from kitty poop are not good for pregnant women, and I happily leaped into the breach and became Kitty Waste Removal Man. And lo, it was good.

But then she bore Mia. And guess who kept the job of Kitty Waste Removal Man? If you notice that the title did not change back to Kitty Waste Removal Woman, you might get a clue. Okay, fine. She got pregnant again, then again, and we don't want kitty poop messing things up. So now I hold the title for life, apparently. You'll notice she never anointed me Kitty Waste Removal Man for life, it just happened. Subtle. Just like a woman!

Now, it has happened again! After her surgery she was forbidden to pick the children up. So I began lugging Mia into the bathroom in our largely futile attempt to get her to pee and then toting her into the bedroom to get her changed for bed, with the intermittent carrying back into the bathroom to get her bathed. This had all been done by my lovely bride, but because medical necessity necessitated it, I was more than happy to do so. Now, her stitches are out, her doctor has cleared her to do all her normal activities, and when she's done reading to Mia in the evening, guess who gets to carry her into the bathroom in our largely futile attempt to get her to pee? If you didn't say her long-suffering husband, you're not paying attention! Isn't that just like a woman?

I don't mind at all. Mia is getting quite heavy (close to 32 pounds) and I don't really want Krys carrying her all that much, even if she's able to. Her back isn't in the greatest shape, after all, and I don't want it to get worse. However, I find these role-shifts amusing, because God forbid she admit A) that she's too weak to lug Mia around a lot; and B) that she really hates scooping the litter boxes. Mustn't admit weakness! It reminds of the funny line from that Vince Vaughan-Jennifer Aniston movie, when she wants him to want to do the dishes, and he says, "Why would anyone want to do the dishes?" Amen, brother. Krys won't - or can't - admit that housework and having to carry Mia around because she can't walk sucks. I freely admit it, but I do it anyway.

That's why men are better than women. Just so you know!

(Oh, I'm kidding. Calm down.)


  • Wait!!!!! Didn't you get my disk that told you that Woman are better than men. I guess you were not paying attention all that well

    By Blogger Mrs Lefty, at 18/6/06 7:27 PM  

  • Yeah, I got it, but I reject your conclusions!

    By Blogger Greg, at 18/6/06 7:32 PM  

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