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Friday, July 21, 2006

Norah is one smart cookie

It's very interesting watching Norah discover the world around her, especially as it's completely different from how Mia is doing it. Unfortunately with Mia, her discoveries are often painstaking, very deliberate, and heavily supervised. It's still a joy to behold, but because we've been working on it for so long, it's not quite as spontaneous. With Norah, I can just sit and watch her as she crawls around and figures things out on her own, and it's fun.

For example, this afternoon she crawled into her bedroom to play. For some reason she loves playing in her bedroom rather than out in the living room where there are more toys. So, as the dutiful father, I followed her in and sat down on the rocking chair and began to watch her. This can be frightfully boring - it's a pretty comfy chair, and after watching a one-year-old pick up a toy and put it down about 6000 times anyone's eyes would start to get heavy - and today was no exception - I finally had to get up and walk around. Prior to that (today it was the lotion Krys uses on her - she took it off the shelf and stared at for several minutes, then put it down, then picked it up and stared at it, then put it down - and I could feel myself slipping into unconsciousness), she had done something interesting. She loves doors, and therefore often sits and opens and closes them. This is a problem when she closes them so hard that they click shut, because then she can't open them, consarnit! Today she closed her bedroom door all the way. She crawled over to it and put her fingers in the crack between the door and frame, but couldn't get it open. Then she looked up and saw the handle. It was fascinating, because you could see the light go on in her brain. She stood up and reached for the handle. D'oh! You guessed it - not tall enough. She can touch the handle and can't pull it down to unlatch the door. But it was very neat to watch her puzzle out how the door could be opened, and I'm sure in another few months she'll be opening and closing the doors with much glee.

Like I said, it's nice to see these things. She is slowly figuring things out, and even though she continues to believe that if she bothers the cats they won't swat at her (such childlike naiveté!), in other areas she's doing a nice job of problem solving. With Mia, these things take time and several hundred repetitions. It's cool to see Norah doing it on her own.


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