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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Good news about Mia's seizures!

As in, she's not having them anymore. About a month ago she had an EEG to check her seizure activity, and I finally got around to calling her neurologist to check the results. He said he could see no seizure activity, so he told us to start reducing her medication. We have been concerned about her level of medication, because it seems that she is dazed more often than would be normal even in a kid with a brain injury. The medicine, obviously, accumulates in her body, so even if it didn't happen before, there's no reason why it shouldn't be causing her to space out now. We think it's hindering her a bit in development, especially in her speech and reasoning. For about a year she has been on three different medications - Tegretol, Depakene, and Keppra - to control her seizures. The Keppra seemed to help the most, as shortly after she went on that (on top of the other two, of course), her visible seizures stopped. So now her brain doesn't show any activity, which is nice.

Her doctor told us to slowly take her off the Tegretol. Up until a few days ago, she was getting 14 ml a day of the Tegretol (along with 9 ml of the Depakene and 10 ml of the Keppra). We have lessened it to 12 ml, and in a week we will take it down to 9, then 6, then 3, then none. We think that the Tegretol is the one that makes her the most sluggish, so we hope to see some improvement as we decrease the dosage.

Of course, the hope is that we can get her off all of it. That's the goal, but right now we're just happy we can reduce one of the meds. Meds are necessary, but they suck nevertheless.

Yay, Mia! No more seizures!


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