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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The weird and wild world of the one-year-old!

Last week, Norah the 16-month-old inexplicably became frightened of the bathtub. She screamed bloody murder when Krys put her in the tub. Weirdly enough, while Krys was filling the tub, Norah stood next to it and splashed in the water, but when it was time to go in, she screeched like a banshee. Krys had to wash her while sitting next to the tub and dipping the washcloth into the water, and that did not make her happy either. This happened again the next time she washed her. So Krys decided to seize that bull by the horns and got in the tub with her. Whoo-hoo! Apparently she dug that. Krys hasn't gotten in there with her the past couple of times, but she has to keep distracting her because she still gets upset. It's very weird, because until last week she loved the bath. She would get in and splash around and have a grand old time, and didn't want to get out when she was finished. But now, she's done a complete 360.¹

Then, also last week, I decided to eat an apple. I'm all about the healthy eating! I sat on the floor and ate the slices. I dug a few small pieces out of the slices and fed them to Norah. She thought they were delicious, but she did something weird as she chewed. She backed away from me, slowly, across the kitchen floor. I think it was the first time she had walked backward, and she thought it was groovy. She then walked slowly back to me for another piece, and repeated the walking backward. She has walked backward a few other times. I suppose it's just one of those things that kids discover and must try out a lot.

She's also getting molars. Isn't that fun! Can't these kids get full-grown any faster????

¹ Just a small joke. Krys and I like to say someone did a complete 360 when we mean 180. It's funny! Laugh it up!


  • See what happens when your child watches too much politicized television. Explain that it is simply a bath, not water boarding... it is time to get clean, not "come clean"... and she may settle some.


    By Blogger john sweet, at 3/11/06 5:01 AM  

  • We had a similar issue when washing out 2 year olds hair; one day not a day screaming hysteria. Solution was provided by great grandparents who gave her a sponge-thing that looked like a duck. She now happily uses this to squeeze water on to her own hair! Kids are fun(ny)...

    By Blogger Social Work Dad, at 13/11/06 3:42 AM  

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