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Monday, March 24, 2008

Cutting Mia's meds

In January we went to see Mia's neurologist for a routine visit. While we were there, we asked him if we could begin cutting her medication, because we really don't want her to be on meds and she hasn't had a seizure in three years. He still wants to keep her on one, but he told her that we could start cutting out the other, one milliliter at a time. So we did, and now she's completely off it with no adverse effects.

We're hoping that eventually she'll be completely off the other one, too. That would be groovy. For now, though, we're happy that she's taking less medication. It's never fun to have to medicate your child, but it's really not fun to give her a bunch of different ones! At one point she was on four different kinds, but it's nice that she doesn't need quite as many any more.


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