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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The terrible two-ness of Norah

Norah is a remarkably well behaved child (well, at least I think so), but it's always fun when she has a meltdown, especially because it's often somewhat inexplicable. She just freaks out at the smallest things. She wants routine desperately. If Krys doesn't let her put her own clothes in the hamper, she freaks out. In the morning, I ask her if she wants to put Mia's clothes in the hamper (which she likes to do), and she says "No!" She has a great way of saying "no," too: she kind of says "Nyoooohhhhh!" So when she says that, I put Mia's clothes in the hamper, and she freaks out. She then takes the clothes out of the hamper and puts them back in. This makes her happy.

A lot of her life is like this, which I assume is normal. She doesn't adhere to a rigid schedule, but she enjoys her routine. Recently, she has decided to change the way she goes down for a nap. Over the past few weeks, she has needed less sleep in the afternoon, so I was letting her stay up longer. She still needs a nap, though, and recently, she has been very cranky about going down. Then, she discovered a new book, and if I read it to her three times, she goes down happily. I let her keep the book with her, and she reads it aloud to herself and then falls asleep. She's started doing the same thing at night, which is fine and dandy with us, as long as she doesn't freak out. She's staying up a bit later at night, too, and she's fine with that, too.

It's nice that she's asserting her independence a bit, and we have no problem with allowing her some time alone to read when she should be sleeping. We're both struggling with disciplining her - I often get too angry with her, and Krys often doesn't get angry enough - but I think we're both doing a pretty good job. When she does melt down, we think we do a pretty good job in either calming her down, sending her to her room, or ignoring her. And she doesn't do it that often, which is nice.

I still wish she spoke more, because I want to be able to talk to her more intelligently, but she's making good progress in that respect. She still clings to Mommy more than she should, because Krys is the "exotic parent," but that's okay. She'll get over that eventually. Won't she?

So her Twos aren't a horror show, although she has her moments. We'll see what happens in the next few months before she turns three!


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