The Daughter Chronicles

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Smart kids and groovy pants!

Item! Mia has learned her last name. Krys has been telling her what it is for a while, but last week she actually repeated it. She's been telling us what it is whenever we ask her, because she's awesome.

Item! Norah has gotten very good at jumping off of things. She's been jumping up and down for some time, but she took her time jumping off of things. Recently, however, she's been getting better. Last week at the play area in the mall, she jumped off one of the blocks, which are probably 30 inches high. When she could first climb up there, she had to climb down, and then she asked me to help her jump. Now, she just goes for it!

Item! Krys bought Mia some new clothes, and when she was hanging them up, Norah looked at one pair of pants and said, completely unprompted, "This cool!" We thought that was quite funny. And yes, they are cool. Here are the pants in question:

So Norah is both athletic and wise. And Mia, as we all knew, is way smart. That's what happens when you have the best kids in the world!


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