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Friday, September 26, 2008

More on Norah's potty training

So Norah is out of diapers now, except at night. I didn't really want to do it, but Krys insisted, and Norah was acting like she was able to deal with it, so we went into the breach!

We had put Norah into underpants a few weeks ago, and she thwarted us by holding it in. Yes, on one day, she didn't pee for seven hours until I caved and put a diaper on her. It was quite annoying. But at least we realized her bowel was mature enough so she knew to hold it in. I tried to get her to go on the toilet a few times, but no dice. Confound her!

But then, this week, Krys decided to put her in underpants. As I wrote below, she went in the potty over the weekend, so we thought it was a good idea. And lo! she has continued to pee in the potty all week. I put the potty by her wherever she goes in the house and put some toilet paper next to it, and when she needs to, she simply pulls her pants down and goes. We've told her to take the basin beneath the potty into the bathroom and flush it, and then wash her hands. She was a bit sketchy on the hand-washing once because I accidentally made the water too hot, but she's recovered nicely and is now into the whole washing of the appendages. So she has the whole peeing thing down pretty well. We haven't moved her to the actual toilet yet, but we wanted to get her comfortable with panties first. In that, she's done well.

But then there's the solid waste material. Oh dear. Norah refuses to poop in the potty. Unequivocally. We tell her over and over to use the potty, and she agrees with us that that's probably a good idea, but then she doesn't do it. If I ask her if she needs to poop, she whines and says no. It's bizarre, because she's become annoyed with us wiping her butt, and we keep telling her that it would feel better if she pooped on the potty herself. But nothing works.

This leads to some unpleasant accidents, as you might expect. She's been going through underpants at an alarming rate (she's on her third pair today). Just because she's not wearing diapers and won't use the potty doesn't mean she's holding it in. So we've had some soiled underpants, and even though she gets upset when there's poop in her pants, she does nothing about it. It's frustrating.

We're a bit stymied. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know. We're probably just going to keep trying to convince her it's much better to use the potty and hope she sees the light. We're very happy that she's peeing where she's supposed to, but it would be nice if she got the second part of the equation, too. What say our five readers?


  • Both my boys had the same issue with the potty. I tried positive reinforcement (candy), bribes (toys), reading them books on the matter (Potty Time),and just sitting them on the potty at stragegic times and watching a movie while we waited. Nothing really worked. Ultimately, they had to decide on their own, and one day, they just decided that this was their day and went on their own. - Kelli

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29/9/08 7:56 AM  

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