The Daughter Chronicles

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Norah is quite the patriot!

As I drove down the freeway the other day, Norah looked out the window. Suddenly she said, "Statue of Liberty." I looked into another lane and saw, on the back of a big 18-wheeler, the aforementioned Lady Liberty. Norah knows what the Statue of Liberty is because she has seen it on a Little Einstein video. I was just impressed that she not only saw the picture, but that she remembered it.

It was cool to hear her say that, and, as usual, reminded me how much she has passed Mia by. I hate to think that whenever Norah accomplishes something, but I can't help it. Still, I'm glad she's taking knowledge from elsewhere and applying it to the world around her. She's been doing it for a while, but this was one of the more obvious examples.


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