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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Some good news regarding Mia's recovery

Mia had an appointment with her hip surgeon on Thursday, and the news was good. He X-rayed her, praised his own work (I love it when doctors do that - "This looks great!"), and said she's healing very nicely. On the X-rays, you can see that her hips have a large range of motion, and nothing looks out of sorts, so that's cool. He said she could start bearing weight, which is also quite nice. As I wrote before, her muscles are very stiff, and stretching them every day just isn't cutting it. What she needs, I believe, is to stand up and start using them again, so I was happy to hear that she could do that. I'm sure her PTs have all sorts of evil things planned for her to use her leg muscles - we'll find out this week! I have mentioned to others that I need to soundproof our house because the screams will cause the neighbors to call CPS - although, given their track record in Arizona, they wouldn't care. I know it's going to be slow to get her back to where she was, but at least she can start this week.

The doctor also said that because she's healing so well and quickly, he can take the plates out earlier than he thought. The plates usually stay in for six months, which would be 26 July, and her (outpatient) surgery was scheduled for the first week in August, as we'll be out of town on the 26th. Now, however, she's getting the plates out on 8 July. He said the right side seemed to be bugging her a bit, and there's no reason to leave them in any longer than that, so she'll be metal-free a month earlier than expected! She may have to recover from a lot, but at least she recovers fast!

She's eating a little bit better, but we're still working on that. I hope that when she starts doing more, she'll need more energy and therefore will eat more, but we'll see. I'm just happy that she can get back to work!


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